When I used to work for Starbuck's® one of the key things they stressed to us was the "customer's experience".  As soon as someone walked in, whether the line was out the door or they were the only person there, we were to acknowledge them and thank them for coming....from that point on it really set the "tone" for their Starbucks experience.

What does coffee have to do with Real Estate?

It's all about the experience.  Is it transactional?  Is it relational?  Why can't it be about building a life-time relationship while walking through the transaction?  Like with Starbucks, I am a Realtor who is all about building a relationship with a client for life......I want my client's experience to be great.  There may be bumps along the way, but how we approach the challenges will determine the outcome of their sale and/or purchase. 

In my opinion, today's world has become so transactional that we are missing the key element - and that is building the relationship - like a cup of coffee.....I want my clients to have a great experience, coming back time and again.  Better yet, not only do they come back, but refer their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. (you get the picture) to my team and I....our tagline is:  "From Consult to Closing, Team Claire Cares!!".