You have heard the old saying, "failing to plan........."  Well, I would say when it comes to moving - there definitely needs to be a plan in place.  It is so overwhelming - looking at a room and trying to decide what stays, goes, gets sold, gets donated, etc.  Wow!

When we don't plan our move, it can cause more stress, chaos and worry on moving day.  To ensure that your move is successful, have a plan in place.  So when do you start?  NOW!  

The best time to start is when you know that you are going to be moving.  You may not have put your house on the market yet, or you may not have started looking for a home, but you know that you will be moving in the next number of weeks or months.  Working with clients, I have found putting a calendar together has been helpful in timing.  Each day that is crossed off "X" is one step closer to "the move".  

Plan for the packing - start getting your boxes, paper etc., together if you are a "do-it-yourself" type of person (I am!).  Go through and do one room at a time, packing and labeling each box according to that room and tuck a list inside each box so that you will remember what's in it.  Distractions come - it's easy to get side-tracked and run to another room, but try to stay in one room and pack that first - step back and look at your progress!!  It's encouraging when you see boxes coming together and putting that X on the calendar.

Next step is Organizing.........stay tuned!