Looking around this property, the views are incredible!  From the back yard you overlook farmland, to the next road.  When the family was growing up they were surrounded by family all around them in neighboring houses.  They could walk across the farm field to their Aunts and Uncles homes to visit.  While sitting on the front porch, you can look across the street and there, behind and in between the homes, see the mountains and valleys.

The neat thing about this property is that it sits on 2 lots – totaling 1.03 acres.  At one time, the owner, who was a mason by trade, had a flower and tree farm.  Neighbors and people driving by would stop to get some fresh cut flowers, vegetables or pick a tree for their yard.  The fruit trees bore ample fruit and jellies, pies were just some of the tasty morsels one could purchase. 

The owner had built and designed this home, which shows different touches he put throughout.  The hardwood floors are beautiful, with a fireplace in the basement, along with a storage and workroom.  There are different exterior bricks that he accentuated so that it would give the outside a little more “character”.  He designed the laundry room so that it is in the garage in it’s own area.  One could come in from working outside, drop their dirty clothes in the washer then dry them and …. he designed a masonry shower/restroom there too.  That way after a long days work outside, they could come inside clean as a whistle! 

This is truly a home that was well loved and lived in!