Family and legacy – imagine decades ago the sound of children laughing and playing throughout the house and property.  The History of this property is quite fascinating.  The original owners had 4 children in this home, owned a Coal Delivery company and are, still to this day, pillars of the community.  The family is still in the surrounding area and close to their original “home”.  Because of the Coal delivery business, the 2 car garage was expanded to host a larger truck.  With that expansion came some additional space to have a work room, attic space and a garden storage/whelping box area.  There is even a wood burning stove in the garage to keep it warm!  (NFPA approved)

When the current owners were looking for a home, they wanted a place that they knew would be community and family oriented.  The appeal of the front porch, backyard and garage was a big reason for their purchase, along with knowing that the original family was still close by.  They wanted a place where children could play and neighbors would acknowledge you.  Evenings spent on the front porch often meant that passerby’s may stop and catch up for a bit.

The community is a “small town feeling” with big hearts.  The folks in the area rally around their children for events.  The center “square” of the Boro boasts local shops where you can find a friendly face to chat with.  Close to the Turnpike, Routes 30 and 283, the Health Campus and so much more!

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