This home was constructed in 1987 by Ike Groff. Ike was the cabinetmaker for Nauman Construction.   These homes were built with the best of materials at the time as many of the homes in this community were originally owned by employees of Naumans. In 1987 Naumans was a premium contractor in Lancaster County.  

This is a replica home from Colonial Williamsburg.  Ike and his wife intended to replicate the Rev. Bracken’s house from Colonial Williamsburg as their retirement home.  The original home is situated at 206 Francis Street near the Colonial Williamsburg Inn and is easily identified by its architecture.  It is now a guest home for Foundation members and not open for public visitation.

You will note the architecture of the house and brickwork in the picture below.  In recent years the courtyard fence was remove from our home but could be reconstructed.  See the detail of the chimney, foundation, front steps and dormers consistent with the original architecture. 

In later years the Groffs sold the house to a young couple who eventually sold the property to us as we downsized from our family farmette to a smaller property.  The Groffs live in Calvary Home today.  There have never been any children raised in this home, thus the condition of many of the original features.  The Groffs took a year traveling from Williamsburg to Lancaster to replicate much of the home with allowances for modern conveniences.  The garage was originally a side porch and summer kitchen and the family room was interpreted as a Rally Tavern.  A similar interpretation of the home was featured in Country Living Magazine in the 1980’s (see attached copy of the article).   The house can accommodate either a stove or fireplace in the basement or master suite with the ability to have three working fireplaces in the home.  We have cooked many meals in the family room hearth complete with working crane.  In the basement you will find a propane manifold capable of accommodating a gas fireplace retrofit if you desire to eliminate wood burning. 

 We had no intentions of leaving this home as we remodeled the master suite, split the first and second floor HVAC systems and replaced the second floor windows with Anderson windows and added a visitor parking, updated the master suite bathroom and added second floor laundry capacity and moved the sidewalk in the backyard as well as repainted several of the rooms.  It was only when we accepted a stationing by our church denomination did we decide to leave and move to Columbia, PA.  We invested over $30,000 in improvements over the past six years with the intent of making this our retirement home.  One of the features that appealed to us was the use of the first floor dining room as a fourth, first floor bedroom and separate first and second floor HVAC zones that attracted us to this home as a possible retirement residents.

This is a wonderful home to entertain family.  We have often had 26+ family members in our home for holidays and 50+ guests for special events with the use of the tavern, living room and family room.  The two guest rooms (or children’s rooms) with private bath only add to the ability to extend hospitality. 

The recent addition of a new walk way and parking area allow for pavement in the parking area and brick pavers on the walk way as both have 6+ inches of compacted 2B modified stone as a base.  These surfaces are both prepared for brick and asphalt application in the future.  As we refreshed rooms we replaced the original electric baseboard with wood baseboard as the hybrid HVAC system now handles both heating and cooling. The electric panels in both the master bath and basement were updated to remove all baseboard heating wiring a number of years ago.   

Finally I enjoyed both woodwork and blacksmithing as a hobby and found the basement a wonderful space for a woodshop and garage for blacksmithing.  However there is an additional flu available in the basement for a fireplace or woodstove should you desire to convert it to a family room, man cave or work out space. With the extra course of block the head room is ample and the garage space is generous for a two car garage with storage.